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School Philosophy

Ekota is the Cree word for "the place to be." We believe that with the shared commitment of students, parents, and staff we create a safe and caring professional learning community in which every student achieves superb results.


Our school now has a new logo with the collaboration of our students, parents, school and District staff including other community members.

In this logo design, the soaring eagle signifies the strength and courage of all students and the new, great heights they will reach. The eagle’s wings and tail form the shape of an E—the first initial of Ekota School. Beyond the eagle, the circle marks the school as a gathering place, where students share their stories, discover their passions and achieve success. The colour arrangement reflects natural growth. The yellow, blue and green depicts the sun shining on our river and land. Similar to the way plants require water and energy to flourish, Ekota students are given the knowledge and encouragement they need to grow.