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Lunch & Nutrition

Nutrition For All Ekota Students

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle for children is to have nutritious foods as part of their daily diet.

We encourage all children to bring healthy lunches and healthy snacks.  Working brains require good nutritious foods.

Lunchroom Expectations  

Students who are involved in the lunchroom on either a regular or on an occasional basis are expected to follow the rules listed below.  Parents should review the rules with their children.  Your cooperation is appreciated.              

Ekota Lunchroom Rules:

  1. Remain seated.

  2. Use polite, inside voices.

  3. Clean up your own space.

  4. Eat your own lunch – do not trade or share (due to allergy concerns).

  5. Get permission before leaving the lunchroom.

Breakfast Program

Ekota School is extremely fortunate to have generous partners in the community to fund our daily Breakfast Program.  Ekota School’s snack is funded by weekly donations of bread and bakery from Terwillegar Sobey’s and from funds received from many businesses associated with No More Excuses and North Millbourne  Community League. Without the generosity of these two organizations we would not be able to offer this valuable program to our students.

A healthy snack is prepared each morning by dedicated parent volunteers.  If you are interested in helping prepare snacks in the mornings, please call the school.