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Clubs & Activities

Ekota School values student involvement at school and encourages students to participate as much as possible in school activities.  Involvement provides opportunities for students to accept and demonstrate responsibility and to build self-confidence.  Some of the ways in which students may become involved in school activities include:

  • School Patrols
  • Intramural Program
  • Music Program
  • Recycling Program
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Student Leadership Opportunities

Home Reading Program

At Ekota School, we believe that in order to be successful learners, students must be successful readers. To help students develop their reading skills, we operate a home reading program. Students are asked to read for a certain amount of time each night depending on their grade level. They then receive prizes and recognition at school assemblies for reaching targets throughout the year.


Field Trips and Visitors to our School

Curriculum enrichment is provided throughout the year in the form of field trips and visitors to our school. Field trips are arranged by individual classroom teachers and are communicated to parents throughout the year.


School Assemblies

During our monthly assemblies, students receive recognition for their positive actions and achievements around the school. Students often lead aspects of these assemblies and take an active role by performing songs or plays as part of our Character Education program.

There are also many Theme days held throughout the year that give students the opportunity to have fun in a productive learning environment.