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    Ekota school is located in southeast Mill Woods. In addition to the neighbourhood students, we serve as a district site for the Learning Strategies program. We lease space to the Ekota Before and After School Care program. Our school gym is utilized in the evenings with community sports programs such as indoor soccer. We are fortunate to have many organizations that support our school including  Sobeys, Family Futures Resource Network,  The Elks  and Edmonton Royal Purple Elks, and University Programs including Grant MacEwan, Concordia, and the University of Alberta. 


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For kindergarten and new students outside of EPSB, use this link to go to our registration page.  There is still room in the Kindergarten class next school year. 


Ektoa is a medium sized elementary school in the heart of the Knottwood community.  Staff, students, parents and community work in partnership to provide high quality learning experiences in a safe and caring environment. 

At Ekota School we provide comprehensive academic programming for all students, including those with diverse learning needs, such as children who speak English as a Second Language and those children who have specific learning disabilities. We are a Division site for Learning Strategies from grades 3 through 6. 

Along with a strong focus on academics, student learning is enriched through various clubs, special events (artists-in-residence, author visits, music and theatrical performances, field trips, etc.) and School Council sponsors several school-wide events each year.  Our school promotes quality daily physical fitness activities and we are lucky to have a Breakfast Club program that provides every student with a snack each morning.  This is made possible by the Ekota Fundraising Society in collaboration with our School Council as well as a number of volunteers and community partnerships.

At Ekota, there is an emphasis on reading and writing based on the Foundations of Literacy approach.  Each day, we have a commonly scheduled Guided Reading time in which students receive reading instruction at their reading level.  There is a strong emphasis on collaboration at Ekota and teachers spend time working together to plan and prepare for students. Numeracy intervention time is available to classes in our Response to Intervention model (RTI). RTI is a process used to support students who benefit from additional learning guidance. 

We strive to inspire students see their potential as well as prepare them to be good citizens and leaders in the community.  We aim to equip students through teaching, modeling and coaching to be proactive and able to govern their own behaviour. Students receive adult guidance to identify tools to support creating solutions to problems, to understand the need to be kind to others, and the capacity to build their ability to autonomous in solving problems. 

We believe that the shared commitment of students, parents, and staff creates a safe and caring space where families and the community are supported and in return, support our school. This model strengthens families, ensures all voices are heard, and inspires high quality educational practices. With these conditions, all students achieve superb results.